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A unique set of challenges confronts every educational institution. Because of this, each of our marketing solutions is a custom blend of our services. Take a look at what we help KIST Medical College accomplish.

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How Does Ads Bee Media Help KIST Medical College Establish Itself As a Leading Education Brand?

With modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology for specialized health care services, KIST Teaching Hospital actively maintains and promotes the highest standards of ethical conduct in medical education. 

KIST Teaching Hospital has established itself as a leading learning destination for health professionals, students, and teachers, from around the country and the world. 

Learn how our agency, Ads Bee Media, has helped Nepal’s foremost education brand, KIST Medical College, stand out over the previous 7 months.

Analytics and Custom Reports for KIST Medical college Complex Web Ecosystem

The web ecosystem at KIST Medical College is quite sophisticated, servicing a wide range of inner and outer patrons. It was tough to track, evaluate, and report visitor traffic, engagement, and recruitment indicators.



The College’s Google setup and tracking have evolved organically over time, resulting in inconsistencies and a lack of entirely desegregated, precise monitoring over every site, subdomains, recruitment, and registration efforts.


Check out the challenges we face while implementing digital marketing strategies, techniques, and tactics.

  • There Was No Cross-Domain Tracking Available:

The analytics system was not configured to follow users from the main website to the prospective subdomain. There was no way to know the audience’s purpose, pages visited, or time spent on the site.

  • The Goals Of Google Analytics Were Not Defined or Monitored:

As part of the college ecosystem, different college stakeholders tracked performance in their respective areas in various ways, to varying degrees of success. Google Analytics site transaction goals are frequently misunderstood and, as a result, are rarely set up.

  • There Was No Regular Site Traffic, And Activity Reports Available:

Departments were using some Google Analytics reporting, but it was quite minimal. Analytics provided valuable data to managers who were interested in website activity.


The KIST Medical College has a preliminary meeting to determine their analytics, tracking, and reporting concerns. Ads Bee Media then performed a comprehensive website audit of KIST Medical College’s web architecture to analyze visitor traffic, lead generation, and student registration data. 

KIST Medical College hired Ads Bee Media to examine and work with their team to improve their Google Analytics Configuration, tracking, and reporting after the Ads Bee Media exhibited a thorough awareness of their problems and the technical skills to solve them.

During Ads Bee Media’s website audit of the online ecosystem, several concerns regarding applying analytics across the system were discovered. We used an analytics implementation guide to recommend and implement changes, and Custom-built tracking technology was implemented by the university’s web team as needed. 


The result of Ads Bee Media’s work includes the following:
  1. Monthly reports customized for managers include regular updates, key statistics, and insights.
  2. On-page SEO activities significantly improved organic rankings for important terms.
  3. The number of mobile visitors to the KIST Medical College website has increased.
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