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Every educational institution has its own set of issues to contend with. As a result, each of our marketing strategies is a one-of-a-kind combination of our services. Check out the types of accomplishments we assist Krishna Foundation with.

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Devise strategies to attract new patrons


Build a community of loyal and repeat customers


Increase brand awareness throughout the community


Establish your restaurant as a community leader


Help to preserve and protect your reputation

What Did Our Digital Marketing Agency Do To Help Krishna Foundation?

Krishna Foundation is affiliated with top medical and engineering universities and colleges in India for the admission of Nepalese students. More than 100 Indian and international institutes have appointed Krishna Foundation as their authorized agent.

You can choose an appropriate institute and university based on the courses you want to take and the cost connected with such courses. From the initial inquiry through career counseling, The Krishna consultancy will be there for you.

Find out how Ads Bee Media, our digital marketing agency, has helped Krishna Foundation become one of the leading education consulting brands.


Krishna Foundation realized that it needed more marketing resources and skills in web analytics and online marketing to continue to achieve growth aspirations in the demanding and fierce higher education market. Krishna Foundation hired Ads Bee Media to help them reach their marketing objectives.


Increase organic search traffic to Consultancy’s website to attract more students in India and other countries’ increasingly competitive private college market.

Our Digital Strategy

Our Digital marketing experts used a well-thought-out lead generation funnel for the commercials. We ran social media advertising during consciousness, deliberation, and transformation to target and capture prospects properly.

  • SEO:

In the seven months following the start of the SEO strategy, Krishna Foundation was ranked on the first page for eight of ten keywords. This resulted in more registrations and a higher level of credibility for the consultancy. Our planned SEO efforts paid off our customers.

  • Paid Ads:

Thanks to Ads Bee Media’s innovative digital advertising approach, Krishna foundation received a steady stream of registration inquiry leads. 500+ internet-based call leads filled out an online form. Krishna foundation gained 1.7k users in the last seven months, and the retention rate grew from 11% to 15%.

  • Social Media:

Our group discussed the best ways to keep the university active on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. On consultancy’s official Facebook page and other social media pages, students can now find engaging posts, details, and educational inspirations. The consultancy is receiving more attention and praise due to its social media activity than it was previously. 


Krishna Foundation is now one of Nepal’s most prestigious universities. Despite every education institution’s hurdles, our client’s determination, unique technology, and astute digital marketing services did not stop it from entering the education industry.  Our digital initiatives helped the client achieve a competitive edge. Our designers establish a distinctive brand identity for the consultancy that sets it apart from other education consultancies. Also Read: Case Study For JAIN University

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