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Every educational institution faces its own set of challenges. As a result, each of our marketing solutions is a one-of-a-kind combination of our services. See what kinds of achievements we help achieve JAIN University.

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What Ads Bee Media Did To Establish Jain University As A Leading Education Brand?

JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University) delivers an ideal environment for an increased learning experience as one of the best institutions in India. The University’s vibrant culture encourages students, staff, and professors to remonstrance delegates, spark discovery, and experiment with new approaches to learning.

JAIN University offers more than just a place to study. It is a community of individuals from all walks of life, countries, and nations who have come together in one place to provide you with an enriching experience and a rewarding educational journey. There is always something new to explore with over six campuses, countless exciting carnivals, conferences, and a complete desegregated learners community.

Learn how our agency Ads Bee Media has helped India’s foremost education brand, Jain University (Deemed-to-be-University), stand out over the previous seven months.

  • Objectives:

Our client’s goal in launching a comprehensive education center in India was to raise brand awareness in India and other nations, construct a convenient university website, improve brand engagement, enhance admission inquiries, and establish the University as a long-term trustworthy education brand. We collaborated to achieve these objectives and improve student access to education.  

  • Challenges:

Consider employing digital marketing to promote a university in India’s rural areas and villages. These rural areas of India have a moderate literacy rate, and people in the rural areas of India aren’t particularly tech-savvy. As a result, it was challenging to deliver the right message via the right digital channel to the right audience.

Jain University concluded that it needed more marketing resources and skills in web analytics and online marketing to continue to fulfill growth projections in the demanding and cut-throat education industry. Jain University enlisted Ads Bee Media’s help in achieving their marketing objectives.

Our Digital Strategy:

We were optimistic about this endeavor, with all odds in our favor. Our digital team researched people’s internet habits in our target areas of India, and this aided us in choosing the best collection of keywords to achieve our SEO project. We created a responsive website and wrote blogs on various niches.

Our target audience’s social media usage is primarily limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, with a small percentage using Twitter and Quora. We engaged the target audience with innovative postings highlighting the University’s facilities, advantages, intriguing facts, university updates, and more for social media marketing.

For advertisements, our paid advertising specialists utilized a planned lead creation funnel. We rolled out social media ads in Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion phases to successfully target and capture leads. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University) 7 out of 9 keywords were ranked on the top page after 6 months of using SEO tactics. The university’s website began to receive increased organic traffic, resulting in more admission queries and trustworthiness. The client benefited from our strategic SEO efforts.

  • Paid Ads

JAIN University received a flood of admission inquiry leads because of Ads Bee Media’s clever digital advertising approach. It resulted in 1000+ WhatsApp leads, 800+ Internet-based Call Leads, 500+ leads who completed an online form, etc. The average conversion rate surpassed expectations.

  • Social Media

Our group discussed the best ways to keep the University active on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Students can now find engaging postings, details, and educational inspirations on JAIN University’s official Facebook and other social media pages. Because of its social media involvement, the University is getting more attention and admiration than before.



Today, JAIN University is one of India’s most prominent educational institutions. Although every educational institution encounters challenges, our client’s determination, distinctive technology, and savvy digital marketing services did not dissuade it from entering the education sector. Our digital efforts assisted the customer in gaining a competitive advantage. Our experts created a brand identity for University, which distinguishes it from other educational institutions in India. The next admission round has begun, and university websites are again flooded with applications. We are very happy! Also Read: Case Study For National Infotech College

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