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Every educational institution encounters unique difficulties. As a result, our marketing solutions are always one-of-a-kind amalgamations of our services. See what kind of accomplishments we assist National Infotech College in achieving.

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How Did Ads Bee Media Help National Infotech College Establish Itself As A Leading Education Brand?

National Infotech is a Nepalese institution that is rapidly growing. It has established itself as a leading education institution within a short period. The first step toward success is to achieve excellence in education. National Infotech offers high-quality, skill-based, and technology-driven courses emphasizing theoretical knowledge.

National Infotech is a thriving college that welcomes students from all areas of faith and culture. Students will feel supported, safe, and happy as members of a community that values their personal qualities. National infotech provides opportunities for students to succeed academically and personally.

Learn how our agency Ads Bee Media has helped National Infotech College, Nepal’s leading education brand, stand out over the last 3 years.


Despite spending a lot of money on Digital marketing activities to help with student recruitment, National Infotech College found it difficult to evaluate the results accurately. The college team discovered that because of the difficulty of tracking user journeys across ad channels, its website had:

  1. There is no reliable conversion information on leads, applications, or registrations.
  2. To do a split test correctly, there is no way to implement it.
  3. Analyzing and optimizing funnel stages is impossible
  4. Inability to track ad spend ROI to help with decision making.


In this situation, the college’s team had a harder time assessing and improving their campaigns and justifying advertising spending to their stakeholders.


  • Create fresh ad campaigns for the college’s programs.


  • Assist with implementing an eCommerce tracking methodology that would allow them to better track the number of applicants, registrations, and income generated by their campaigns.



Ads Bee Media analyzed its lead generation and conversion infrastructure from top to bottom to address a tough situation like National Infotech College. Following that, we devised a four-stage strategy for implementing more measurable campaigns.

  • Implementing more accurate tracking:

The project’s initial step was to build a measuring plan that would track outcomes across numerous channels and provides a clear picture of how much income and registrations each channel was generating.

  • Developing online advertising campaigns:

Ads Bee Media developed campaigns for Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as part of a multi-channel paid advertising plan for National Infotech College. The advertising was tailored to each program for the institution to better target its audience.

  • Customizing landing pages:

Lead generation and conversion can be enhanced by creating separate landing pages for each campaign and allowing prospects to submit inquiries directly from the landing pages.

  • Creating drip email campaigns :

Due to the increased likelihood of queries from prospective students due to the updated landing pages, Ads Bee Media and National Infotech College established email nurturing campaigns to assist in the conversion of these new leads into registration.



See what results Ads Bee Media achieved with these techniques and tactics:
  1. On-page SEO actions greatly boosted organic ranks for main keywords.
  2. The site’s organic traffic grew by 70%.
  3. The total number of visitors to the National Infotech College’s website surged by 40%.
  4. As a result, there are 1500+ more applicants than last year.
Our case study shows how Ads Bee Media was able to help National Infotech College become a leading education brand through digital marketing strategies.   Also Read: Case Study For Krishna Foundation

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