Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ads Bee Media was founded on the idea of providing affordable SEO services in Nepal for small and medium-sized companies. This philosophy has propelled the company to grow in size, while still retaining the ability to provide affordable services that are tailored to each customer’s needs. Whether you have a large business or are just getting started with your own company, we offer services that will help you get your business noticed online.

SEO Services In Nepal

We are a data driven SEO company in Nepal that have deep insights into working with clients and have implemented many successful SEO strategies for local, national and international businesses. Through our experience, we have learned every campaign is different because every business has their own unique set of goals and objectives. The success of each client’s campaign depends on how well we capture their goals and implement effective SEO strategies to achieve them. Our main focus is on increasing leads and sales through our creative SEO campaigns that are specifically designed to appeal to your typical customers.

Switch on Your Ranking Revenue With SEO Services That Works

Ads Bee Media is a top tier digital marketing agency in Nepal, offering SEO strategy that get you to the top of Google, without breaking the bank. We help fuel our clients’ revenue streams by improving their organic search rankings on Google and other search engines. Our search engine optimization strategies will not only help your website rank higher but will also have an instant impact on your business’ bottom line.

Dedicated SEO specialists

 At Ads Bee Media, we have a team of specialized, in-house SEO specialists that are focused on delivering the best results possible for your business. These specialists are actively working with various internet marketing platforms, including: Google Webmaster/Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster, Local Listings/GMB Local, PR Outreach and more.

Data Driven Strategies

Our content marketing strategies are data-driven. We use data driven approach to map out optimal editorial calendars for clients, analyze keyword trends, audits competitor’s SEO strategies and track results. Our clients in Nepal have experienced 40%-60% year over year growth in organic search traffic using our seo services.

Monthly Reporting

All of our SEO, PPC and Content services are supported by monthly reportings to keep you informed about significant changes in how we rank your website and how much this is costing. Our reports will help you track your search rankings, backlinks, traffic and Google SERP features. Analytics & Dashboard – You’ll get a quick overview of your website’s performance through our dashboard where you’ll be able to analyze traffic by device, keywords, search engines and more.

We Work With Great Companies Of All Sizes

Ads Bee Media helps companies of all sizes successfully navigate the ever– changing online world. Our SEO strategy is unique to each project, and each company we work with. We’ve helped a variety of businesses grow their web presence using innovative digital marketing strategies and an extensive understanding of the ever-changing online environment. Let us handle your internet marketing strategy—you focus on business.

Our Approach To SEO

On-Site Optimizations

An SEO audit is the most important part of an on-page checklist. It identifies the weaknesses in your current website and creates a plan to fix them. Our team will crawl through your website, identify SEO issues, and create a 6 step plan to optimize your website for an on-page SEO audit. We will review your websites’ HTML code, meta description, title tags, content headings/image optimization/etc to ensure you are optimizing your website for on page SEO.

Authoritative Backlinks

Ads Bee Media offers white-hat link building strategies that provide websites with more domain authority. With our content promotion and Digital PR services, we create backlinks based on the website’s niche to promote its content. Our Internet marketing tactics do not get you penalized by Google and provide your site with long-term domain value.

Tracking & Reporting

Our extensive experience with both PPC and SEO, combined with an in-depth understanding of internet marketing, allows us to provide you with the perfect solution to your online marketing needs. Our monthly reportings will identify where we are ranked in search engines for specific terms and trends which will allow us to continually improve upon your rankings. We pride ourselves on being able to create honest, transparent PPC and SEO strategies which we can put into practice for you, every month.

Our SEO Process

Why Choose Ads Bee Media?

Data Driven Approach

Offering a comprehensive SEO service in Nepal, coupled with unique data analytics tools, means you can get all the help you need from one team of experts. Whether it’s ranking on page 1 of Google or helping your business achieve sustainable growth, our team has one purpose to deliver exceptional results for our clients. The Ads Bee Media data driven SEO platform uses a mix of analytics and SEO to capture big insights and provide actionable strategies for growth .

Industry Best Practices

We work with small businesses to help them succeed in a highly competitive, constantly changing digital marketing landscape. We don’t forage for a bunch of keywords and put up a random website and hope for the best – we research the keywords, industries and conversion funnels that will help you achieve your goals. Our smart SEO campaigns deliver results because they are designed to help your real customers.

Standard Tools & Reportings

Our team of expert SEO specialists keeps a very close eye on the competition, using industry-standard tools like ahrefs and semrush for competitive analysis and SEO benchmarking. Our portfolio of site maintenance services encompasses link removal from bad neighbourhoods, content creation and submission, search engine page optimisation (SEO) and fully-fledged social media/social bookmarking campaigns.


We use a data driven method at every stages of SEO process. We devise strategies that bring the big picture into account. You can trust us as we have a strong track record for obtaining spectacular outcomes for clients across Nepal, US and the globe. We have outcomes like 50k+ clicks, 3 million impressions and 1000+ keywords ranking within a year in a high competitive niche with keyword difficulties above 70%.  We also provide SEO optimized website development services that will help you stand out above your competitors with a high-quality, professional, and concise website that converts visitors into leads and customers. Our proven strategies are designed to rank your website high in the search engines, making it visible to the right people when they’re looking for what you have to offer. We offer exceptional customer service and take pride in keeping our clients informed of our progress.
Consumers in Nepal are constantly searching for products and services on search engines like Google, Duckduckgo and Bing. So, as business you can drive quality traffic to your website through SEO. Apart from social media marketing, SEO can be really effective in driving conversion and sales.

Rankings aren’t what matters, however. We aim to increase organic leads, conversions & revenue. We never guarantee rankings. And any agency we come across that claims otherwise is deceiving you. Google updates its algorithms frequently and there is always uncertainty about rankings. 

We ensure that we will demonstrate tangible results that will help your business grow. We guarantee significant improvements in line with your agreed objectives.

We don’t guarantee rankings as it is nearly impossible to predict where we will rank in Google as the algorithm changes frequently. However, We will help you to achieve enormous growth through our precise SEO services. We’ll help you attain more organic traffic, leads & sales – faster than you ever thought possible.

Instead of churning out generic reports that are not insightful or actionable, we propose thoughtful Digital Marketing Reports that give you a concise understanding of your performance in the Digital Marketing landscape and how to improve. Our Google Data Studio reports tell an outstanding story backed by data, much like our bespoke content that we love creating for our clients. We are ready to have a conversation with you about what these reports will look like for your organisation and the metrics that we can measure.

We want to make sure that you’re able to track the results of our work. That’s why we report back on all sorts of SEO metrics – rankings, organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates and revenue. You also get access to a dedicated account manager who will help keep you up-to-date with any changes as they happen. We use industry standard tools like semrush and ahref for detail auditing and tracking.

1. What does SEO stands for?

SEO is the art and science of getting your website seen by your target audience. In order for you to be successful at this, you need to first understand certain factors that actually matter in determining the search engine rank of any given site on the internet. It is a way to describe the practice of improving your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This includes submission of your site to search engines, as well as optimizing your content for the major search engines to make it easier for them to “crawl” and find what you have on your website. There are a number of search engine ranking factors that you need to pay attention to, especially the on-page ranking factors. On-page optimization is the process of ensuring that every page of your website is optimized for search engines. Moreover, it also improves user experience and position of your website in the search results.

2. What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is one of the most important parts of an SEO strategy, and can have a huge impact on your site’s success in search engines. On-site optimizations include all parts of a website which are under a site owner’s direct control, including the HTML source code, meta tags and title. All of these can be optimized in order to boost your website’s rankings in Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs). It is important to remember that SEO takes time, and it is an ongoing process. You can not expect to complete on-page optimizations and immediately have traffic pouring in from your website. On the contrary, on-page optimization should be viewed as a long term asset ensuring that you remain competitive against other websites in your niche.

3. How can SEO services improve my business?

SEO management services improve your online presence by creating a user experience that generates relevant, high quality leads. To put it simply, when you rank high on search engines for a specific term or phrase, more people click on your website to find out what it’s about. This means you have an opportunity to attract the right audience and convert them into customer leads. Our SEO management services can boost your website’s organic rankings by increasing your online visibility with search engines. These solutions have been proven to result in higher online leads for businesses and organizations. When consumers want your products and services, they’ll use internet search engines to find you.

4. Benefits of hiring an SEO company in Nepal

Every business needs to be visible online. However, many companies feel it is not important and do not hire an SEO company. Do you have similar kind of thoughts? Hiring an SEO company helps businesses build a strong online presence and get popular on the Internet. It provides great visibility and makes them popular online. If you want your business to do well in today’s marketplace, you need to hire an SEO company and list your business on the top search engines. We at Adsbeemedia are a no-nonsense digital marketing company in Nepal that combine our experience in on-site optimization, off-site optimization and web design to create results that get our clients noticed on Google and other search engines.

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