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As an expert and website development company in Nepal, we create websites that effectively represent your business online. With an optimized, attractive, and user-friendly interface, we use the latest technologies to make your website load faster. Ads Bee Media provides the top Website Development services in Birgunj and Nepal.

Website Development Company In Nepal

Ads Bee Media is an experienced website development company in Nepal that provides the top Website Development services in Birgunj and Nepal. Ads Bee specializes in website design, development and digital marketing strategies for small businesses. Our philosophy is technology-driven, data-centric marketing and solid business fundamentals to build the SEO optimized web sites to efficiently attract more customers. We approach design through a behavioral perspective where your website should be strategic and language must be designed to entice users to take action on your site.

Why Choose Our Website Development Services?

Strategy Driven Design

We build websites that look great and convert sales leads into paying customers. Our intuitive, low-maintenance website designs set you up for success from day one. We employ a careful strategy of continuous testing and optimizing, carried out by our team of top designers, developers, and search specialists.

Custom Web Development

We build custom websites for every client, from beginner to enterprise level. With our competitive rates, quality design and quick turn-around we are able to provide you the top Website Development services in Birgunj and Nepal and the tools you need to get your business online.

Quality & Responsive Design

Our designs are created to look great on desktop computers, tablets and phones. Our web development team will make sure your website looks great on many sizes of screen so that your business is growing no matter what device your customers use to view your website.

Design & SEO in a Love Triangle
Your Website is your business' online storefront. Make a lasting impression.​

The right website can put your company at the forefront of the competition, help you attract new customers, and generate more sales. Our experienced design team is committed to developing innovative, effective websites that captivate your visitors and allow your brand to shine. At Ads Bee Media, our web development experts deliver quality web development services that help increase revenue, improve brand recognition, and grow your business and provides the top Website Development services in Birgunj and Nepal.

Our Website Design Methodology

We want to learn all about you, and we’re committed to making a superior experience for you whether you’re a giant corporation or a single church. We do this by researching your industry and your audiences; understanding how many people you want to reach, what your goals are, and what deliverables and budgets you have will allow us to build the perfect custom design for you.

Once we have your style guide, we will start working on the design of the site. Using the information you provided during our discovery and on-boarding process, Susan will work to create a custom design just for you. You’ll get a style guide of color, typography and device responsiveness provided along with a full-page initial concept of the home page for your review and input.

Once the design process is complete, we’ll build your new website from scratch and host it for you. It’s important to us that you are able to preview the site before we go live. That’s why you’ll get a private URL and time period before launch so you can ensure the look, feel, and functionality works for you.

Once you’ve been through phases 1-4 you’ll be ready for a professional to come in and work their magic. Using our Advanced Page Layout process we’ll take your web content and arrange it on each page so that it looks great and is easy to read. The Advanced Page Layout process allows us to take the content that you have, apply the copywriting best practices from Phase 2, and create fully finalized  web pages.

Once your site is launched, we’ll schedule regular check-in calls so that we can be sure it continues to look good, drive traffic, and boost your revenue. All of this is part of our ongoing digital strategy service that we offer for our clients for as long as you use the website.

What Services Do We Provide?

We solve real problems.

Website Design & Development

Our professional website designers and developers will make your vision into a reality. Deciding on how you want your website to look should be the least of your concerns, we do all of the heavy lifting for you, leaving you with more free time to do what you do best.

Ecommerce Website​

We have been developing ecommerce websites for companies of all sizes around the globe. In that time we have developed a range of bespoke websites, each tailored to suit our clients' needs. We offer a solid ecommerce development service that works with you to create high quality, practical and fresh looking sites.

Content Writing

Our professional writers are ready to create a high-quality content that will engage your target reader and get better chance of your success. As a content provider, we make sure that once we create content for you, it will stand out from the crowd!

UI/UX Design

The UI / UX Design Specialization brings a design- centric approach to user interface and user experience design , and offers practical, skill-based instruction. UX design is a still a relatively new field, with many companies only just waking up to the fact that they need someone on their payroll if they want to succeed in attracting and retaining customers.


SEO optimized website design is a fundamental part for any business that wishes to thrive in the online world. The design will support the content of your site and provide your users with an easy to understand platform, encouraging them to become regular visitors.


It all starts with the Brand. Your Brand is your personality. The way you do business, your company’s design and feel, and the words you use when you interact are all characteristics of your brand. From these core values the visual identity is formed. Get your branding right and much will flow from it.

Domain Registration

Whether you are looking to register a new domain or renew a domain that you already have registered, we offer a range of options suited to your needs. We make it easy to buy and register your domains from the reassurance of your own home through our industry-leading interface

Web Hosting

At Ads Bee Media we provide premium web hosting services such as shared hosting, reseller, Windows hosting and VPS hosting and domain name registration. We have our data center aim Asia, Europe and US. We provide trusted web hosting services, perfect for individuals and businesses alike, so you can get online faster and begin your journey.

There are several website development companies in Nepal. However, you need to be careful in choosing one. Your website is the front door to your online presence. It’s a crucial tool for communication with your customers. Designing a website for your business can be a tricky task. You have to know how to effectively market your products and services, while still providing an engaging experience for users. One of the most important factors in this process is choosing the right web design service. With over 100+ web designs under our belt, we’re confident that we can help you optimize your online presence through a simple, clean, and easy-to-navigate website.

Ads Bee Media provides the top Website Development services in Birgunj and Nepal. Our design process is heavily rooted in user experience. We focus on the people that will be interacting with your website, and build trust-building elements into the design upfront. Our web designer utilizes content strategy, SEO, and UX best practices as he works with you to create a website that is both effective and engaging.

There are five main aspects to cost when looking to build a website development for a small business in Nepal: Managed Hosting, Domain Name, Web Design, Content and Maintenance & Support. The cost of website development in Nepal depends on the size and complexity of your website as well as what you want to achieve from the project. Our Price starts with NRP 25,000 for a basic 10-15 pages website.

Website Designers know the importance of the first impression, they know how to draw the attention to the right places and I’ll do just that. The first impression, Website Designers emphasize on how functional your website is. That it works seamlessly and can handle heavy traffic. Of course, it should be fast and not take a long time to load. They like websites that work well for the users without any hiccups or inconveniences in loading.

There are a lot of reasons to redesign a website. For example, your site and your company could have changed since it was launched. Maybe your conversion rates are low and you want to revamp the site to improve them. Or maybe you’re ready to move your site in a new direction without losing old visitors. Ads Bee Media is the top website development company in Nepal that can redesign your website and SEO optimize at an affordable cost

So what does responsive design mean? Basically it is a method of creating websites that can move and change depending on what screen the user is viewing it from. For example, if you are viewing responsive web design from your smart phone, your website will not be large and bulky. This is because it is designed to make things easier for the user when they access websites on smaller devices. Choose Ads Bee Media, an experienced website development agency to build a responsive website for your business and provides the top Website Development services in Birgunj and Nepal.

There isn’t a website owner out there that would believe they could rely solely on social media or paid advertising fees to continue the growth of their business. Even the most idealistic among us understands that creating great content, optimizing it for search, and then hoping for enough traffic to convert into targeted users is an expensive proposition. SEO optimized websites have the potential to create a sustainable competitive advantage that creates incremental revenue for your business at near zero marginal cost.

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