Page Per Click (PPC)

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Looking for a Google AdWords Agency?

Paid Search Marketing can be an incredibly valuable tool—but only if the person manning the campaigns has had their fair share of experience.

That’s where our AdWords management agency comes in handy. Not all businesses can recruit an AdWords Expert Team. It’s time to get in contact with us if you don’t see progress from your paid campaign work and feel like you’re just wiping money off the table. Our AdWords Agency has partnered with consumers in all sectors to help reinvent paid campaigns and turn them into business machines.

  • Search Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads 
  • Video Ads on Youtube


Our Paid Search Management Approach

We build the appropriate marketing plan to provide your website with the most important traffic and use customized landing pages to convert them. Our team has years of expertise in Google and Bing search engine marketing.

Making the most of the PPC budget involves bidding vigorously, maximizing the list of keywords, writing ad copies that communicate with the prospects and using conversion landing pages.

  • Brand & Strategy Review: We understand the brand , products and industry of our clients before we begin creating a keyword list. We also audit previous promotions to evaluate and understand what is working and what is not.
  • Campaign Structure & Keyword List Creation: Google’s paid search is the base of an effective and relevant keyword list. We use leading industry resources and decades of expertise in keyword analysis to build an excellent list. Then we coordinate the AdWords strategy and ad group structures using the SKAG model (single keyword ad group), to create the most appropriate advertising and landing pages for traffic.
  • Write Ad Copy & Extensions: Click-worthy ads improve your quality, clicks and cost-to-clicks and lets you gain more traffic over competitors. Our copywriter works with clients to consider their brand, the most persuasive major differences and messages. We then modify the message to various classes of keywords.
  • Landing Pages Driving traffic is only half the challenge, so we have a high conversion page design. Instapage & WordPress is used to construct a highly specific experience that is precisely compatible with the ad and keyword by replacing dynamic content. We check through templates, messages and deals to see the best outcomes.
  • Banner Creation & Display Network: Before we start creating a keyword list, we want to deepen our understanding of the brand, customers and industry of our clients. We’re even analyzing campaign history and curious about your overall digital marketing objectives. Google Shopping campaigns and product updates can also be part of this process.
  • Track & Report: In order to accurately monitor all of your website’s important activities-including purchases, downloads, login, contacts, videos or anything else that suggests interaction-we use Google Data Studio, Analytics and Tag Manager.
  • Optimize, Test, Trim & Expand: Our digital marketing agency never stops enhancing or assisting to grow your business. We constantly strive to filter-out weaker output of keywords, advertisements and landing pages to improve in areas of progress based on feedback, tests and reviews from our customers. We also seek to explore new possibilities by testing new keywords, ads and landing page concepts.